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Stage 1 Competition Trunk Mount Water Methanol Injection System
Stage 1 Competition Trunk Mount Water Methanol Injection System [100101]

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AIS Stage 1 Competition Trunk Mount Water Alcohol Injection System

Here it is for the ultimate in ease of installation and convenience! Our Stage 1 adjustable boost activated trunk mount system is our most popular system ever and for good reason. With an installation time as quick as 60-90 minutes you can quickly begin receiving the benefits of a water methanol injection system without the head aches and complicated 4-6 hour installation as do our competitors systems. Best of all, it's completely upgradeable, allowing you to upgrade to the digital progressive controller anytime in the future.

While others claim to be the industry leader and innovator in water methanol injection we bring it to you. Designed for the average street enthusiasts or the avid racer, it packs hardcore racing features such as:

  • Custom molded 3 gallon water methanol fuel cell
  • Trunk mounted keeping weight of the front end
  • Instant response right when you need it
  • 250 psi pump compatible with 100% alcohol
  • Adjustable boost activated switch
  • Pre-wired and tested - ready to go unlike the competitors

Compare for yourself against the competitors systems and you'll quickly recognize the difference and why this is the easiest to use and install adjustable boost activated water methanol system on the market.

Engineered specifically for both carbureted and EFI forced induction applications. Our Stage 1 boost activated system is as simple as it gets. Once installed and hooked up, operation is very simple. Simply begin by adjusting the adjustable boost activated switch mounted on the pump to your desired boost activation point ranging from 1-25 psi. During driving conditions, the system will remain on stand by until the predetermined boost activation point is reached. Once activated the system will spray a flat continues amount of fluid through the nozzle or nozzles. The water alcohol injection system will not turn off until boost drops back down below the set activation point. System then remains on stand by ready to be activated again.

Industries First Trunk Mount Water Methanol Injection System
You literally can't beat the performance, quality and value of this system. This is undoubtedly the easiest to install water methanol/alcohol injection system on the market. Our trunk mount kits now come completely pre-assembled making it easier then ever before to install, hook up and run. No longer do you need to worry about installing the pump, container, hoses and wiring under the hood like our competitors systems. All that is required by you is to strap it down, put power to it, run the vacuum and high-pressure line, install the nozzle and begin tuning. It's that easy!

Compare To The Competitors Systems And See The Difference
Once you compare our trunk mount systems to the competitors under the hood systems you will quickly recognize the advantage and ease of installation with our systems. With installation times as quick as 60-90 minutes our pre-assembled and pre-wired systems are 4-5 times faster then the competitors unassembled systems. No longer do you have to install the pump, reservoir, tubing and wiring under the hood for an unsightly appearance. Our trunk mount systems completely relocate everything into the trunk for a stealthy, clean installation. No one has to know you even have it!

No Space Under Your Hood...No Problem
It is becoming increasingly harder and harder to find space under the hood of today's cars. While many cars often do have the space to install a small container and pump under their hood this can be unsightly to some and take away from the car's appearance under the hood and let others know that you have it. Often time's space does not permit the use of an additional container under the hood. A common solution used by many is converting the vehicles existing windshield wiper fluid container for use with the water methanol/alcohol injection. This completely compromises the use of the windshield wiper feature. We feel this is hardly a solution and simply a short cut used by others. Our trunk mount kit completely solves all of these issues by relocating everything cleanly in the trunk of your vehicle.

Lower Air Temps By 50-250+ Degrees & Increase Power 10-15% With ONLY Windshield Wiper Fluid!
That's right! Using nothing more then windshield wiper fluid you can quickly achieve the benefits of a water

methanol injection system. Best of all, it's very easy to locate just about anywhere in the states and cost only $2.00-$3.00 per gallon. But not just any windshield wiper fluid will do. You'll need to buy the windshield wiper fluid that is rated for negative 20 degrees or greater below zero. It is only this windshield wiper fluid, which contains a 50% content or greater of methanol. Using strictly windshield wiper fluid you can expect to see a 50-250+ degree drop in air intake charge temperatures on supercharged and turbocharged engines with horsepower gains ranging from 10-15% are common. (temperature drops and horsepower gains vary depending on engine build, type supercharger or turbocharger used, amount of boost and intercooled or non-intercooled)

110+ Plus Octane With ONLY Wind Shield Wiper Fluid!
Thats right! Using nothing more then windshield wiper fluid as listed above you can effectively increase your 91-93 octane pump gas by 10-20+ points dramatically increasing your fuels octane rating well over 100+ octane. No need for expensive racing fuels which can cost as much as $16.00 per gallon at some race tracks. Windshield wiper fluid cost's only $2.00-$3.00 per gallon. Even better our 3 gallon trunk mount container will last up to 4-6 weeks before needing to be refilled on a typical 500-600 horsepower supercharged or turbocharged motor costing you only pennies more per gallon to have 100+ octane.

Water Alcohol/Methanol Injection = Cheap Insurance For Your Motor
You wouldn't drive your car with out car insurance. Now there's insurance for your motor. Protect your motor and the investment you have in your motor with proven lower air intake charge temperatures by 50-250+ degrees and increased octane by 10-20+ points. Together this will reduce and help eliminate engine damaging detonation. It's cheap insurance for your motor.

System Contents Include:

  • Custom molded 3 gallon tank designed specifically for our pump
  • All new 250 psi pump with EPDM seals for use with 100% methanol
  • 1-25 psi adjustable boost activated switch
  • Nickel plated threaded injector holder
  • Interchangeable injector sized to application
  • Heavy duty one-way check valve
  • 20 ft of black high pressure water methanol tubing
  • 20 ft of electrical wire
  • LED activation light
  • Grounding wire with grounding screw and terminal
  • Vacuum tee fitting
  • Two rubber grommets
  • Water resistant fuse holder with fuse
  • Four butt connectors
  • 10 each 8" zip ties (large)
  • 5 each 4" zip ties (small)
  • Two black anodized aluminum tank straps
  • Detailed instructions with pictures
  • AIS sticker

Benefits Of Water Alcohol/Methanol Injection:

  • Lower air temperatures by 50-250+ degrees
  • Reduces cylinder temperatures up to 300+ degrees
  • Increase your 87-93 pump gas by 8-20+ points
  • Increase horsepower safely by 10-15%
  • Allows you to safely run more boost and timing
  • Longer more stable combustion expansion and progression
  • Cools and protects the tops of your pistons and upper ring
  • Removes carbon build up from combustion chambers, pistons and valves
  • Reduces & helps eliminate engine damaging detonation & pre-ignition
  • No need for expensive racing fuel or additives

Features vs. Leading Competitors:

  • Comes standard with 250 psi pump for even greater atomization vs competitors 150 psi pump
  • Every system comes standard with a heavy duty one-way check valve to prevent siphoning
  • High quality nickle plated brass fittings vs the competitors lower quality plastic fittings
  • No polyethylene hoses here. We only use high quality nylon 11 hoses here
  • System compatible with 100% methanol unlike competitors systems
  • System comes pre-assembled and pre-wired saving you time and money unlike the competitors
  • System can be installed in 60-90 minutes. Thats 3-5 times faster vs. the competitors kit
  • No unsightly pump, reservoir, hoses or added wiring under the hood
  • No need to convert existing wind shield wiper fluid container
  • Our system is completely hidden in the trunk for a clean and simple install
  • 3 gallon container vs. the competitors common 2 quart container
  • Much less frequent refills required as the leading competitors do

Important Notes:

  • Requires only basic hand tools to install with the exception of a tap set to thread and install water methanol injection nozzle
  • Proper tuning is required to achieve maximum results

Installation Time:

  • Installation time approximately 60-90 minutes


  • This product normally ships within 1-2 business day
  • AIS Lifetime "Easy No Hassle" replacement warranty. For additional information on our Lifetime Warranty click here


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Performance products, such as water methanol injection systems by, by their nature are designed to increase horsepower and performance not originally engineered into the vehicle by OEM manufactures and the increased stress could result in damage to the engine and related systems. Users are responsible to fully understand the horsepower capability and limitations of his/her vehicle’s engine and drive train according to manufacturer specifications.

This is a high performance product, use at your own risk. Click here to read full disclaimer.