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Get Better Diesel Fuel Economy

With the price of a barrel of oil getting higher and higher by the day, getting good gas mileage from your diesel-powered vehicle is more important than ever before. Here at, we really understand the importance of diesel fuel economy. So, we offer an extensive line of quality diesel performance products that work to help boost your vehicle's gas mileage. By investing a little bit of money now in one of these diesel fuel economy products, you can save a lot of money later at the pump!

Eliminate Engine Knock & Increase Engine Safety

If you heard someone cry out for help, you would not just ignore it. Did you know that, when you hear engine "knocking" and "pinging", it is your engine's way of crying out for help? Do not simply ignore it. You need to eliminate engine knock before the situation grows much worse and engine failure occurs.

Luckily, has an easy way to eliminate engine knock. By installing one of our water methanol injection systems in your car or truck, you can reduce engine damaging detonation and pre-ignition, which is the major cause of engine "knocking" and "pinging". When your car's or truck's engine cries out for help, it is to the rescue!

High Octane Gas For Less

Do you really like what higher octane gasoline does for your engine's performance? But, do you really not like the higher price that you need to pay when you fill up your tank with high octane gas? Now, thanks to, you can get high octane gas without the high price tag! When you purchase and install one of our fine water injection systems, it will up the octane levels of 87-93 octane pump gas making it perform like 110-115 octane racing fuel.

Have questions about our products or need help choosing the right water methanol system for your application. Give us a call directly at 1.801.447.2559 as technicians are standing by to assist you.

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